Rachel Searcy, LMT

I am an independent licensed massage therapist, specializing in chronic pain management and athletic massage.  With so many directions one could take within the field of massage therapy, these are the two that have given me the most satisfaction.  I love to listen as a client describes a pain issue and then team up with him/her like detectives on a case, trying to figure out the source of the pain and how massage can help.

I love working with athletes individually to design massage programs that fit their needs.  Pre- and post-event sessions, restoration and maintenance between events, injury treatment and prevention, and even some occasional onsite work are part of what I offer as a massage therapist with this special interest.  I have worked on athletes ranging from computer athletes to those who enjoy competitive sports on the weekends to elite professional athletes, and I treat each client with the same care and attention.

Suzy Kaelin, LMT

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Mandy Uhl, LMT

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